You will learn two powerful breathing meditations: The Breath of Universal Love, and the Million Dollar Breath of Light. With these, you can draw and channel the life force energy of love, joy, abundance, and money through your heart...





The Heart Center of your being...

Is like a clear blue lake of wisdom, intelligence, and joy. In the Heart-Based Millionaire Mind Course, you will learn a simple self-hypnosis process for relaxing into... and unleashing the creative force of your heart. 

With our 48 Self-Hypnotic, Millionaire Mind Questions, you will be able to set your higher than conscious mind upon the quest to discover how these millions of light and joy filled dollars have manifested in your life.

You will learn how to internalize our energy infused, Supernal Millionaire Mind Intention and Divine Will, into your heart's vibrational intelligence and your higher than conscious mind.

With our numerous creative relaxation audios, including 4 subliminal millionaire mind audios, you will be able to reprogram all levels of your heart and mind to allow massive abundance to flow through you.

Heart-Based Millionaire Mind


Welcome to Heart-Based Millionaire Mind. If you are on a mission to impact the lives of others, change the world, and create massive financial abundance, then you have come to the right place.

With this unique course, you will learn to activate the vibrational intelligence of the heart to communicate more clearly and effectively with the Universe. You will learn to create a millionaire mindset from the unstoppable force of your heart's love.

Remember, all great ideas, inventions, and even industries were once just a dream and a passion in someone's heart.  So don't give up!

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What you get with this unique Heart Based Millionaire Mind System

I am a Joy Addict, Recovering Attorney, Student of Laughter, Energy Healer, Writer, but most of all, I am a husband and a father. I practiced law for 18 years, while studying energy healing, energy psychology, the law of attraction, hypnotherapy, and all sorts of meditation and personal improvement. Almost 2 years ago, my wife and I courageously jumped off the cliff of our future. I gave up my full time practice to devote myself full time to assisting others awaken and discover their highest potential. I don't call myself a coach, I call myself an assistant! 

You already have all the answers. You already know, deep within, what your true calling is. My Heart-Based Millionaire Mind Course will help you develop the mindset, and then the rest is up to you!

  • 22 Creative Relaxation Audios and 10 Power Sessions in PDF Format.

  • The Breath of Universal Love and the Million Dollar Breath of Light Meditation

  • The energy infused Supernal Millionaire Mind Intention and Divine Will that begins with the end in mind: millions have already calmly manifested in your life for the purpose of increasing the abundance and power of love in this world. (... and how to drop it into the vibrational intelligence of the heart-center and implant it into your higher than conscious mind...)

  • The Deep Mind Script that you can read, repeat, and listen to -- that deeply reprograms your heart and mind to realize your oneness with the universe -- and to effortlessly draw through your being massive financial abundance.​

  • Four powerful millionaire mind subliminal audios so you can bombard your subconscious mind with abundance rich affirmations while you write, surf the web, and build your dream business. 

  • 48 Self-Hypnotic Millionaire Mind Questions in both audio and PDF Format. These questions are designed to be asked in a relaxed, deeply meditative way -- so as to release them into your heart's intelligence and your higher-than-conscious mind. They are joy-packed questions that will instantly help you stay focused and positive at all times.

  • 24 Potent Gratitude Awakening Questions that will help you consistently cultivate an attitude of gratitude in all moments of your day. Listen to them while you fall asleep and when you wake up in the morning to help keep your thoughts flying like eagles through the sky of fulfillment!

  • How to create and envision your future with the potent forces of your love and imagination!

Questions? Send me an email and I'll get right back to you.

What impact could you create, what wealth could you attract with the unstoppable force of your love?

Our energy infused Oneness Declaration will help you deeply internize the truth of your oneness with this ever loving universe. With this knowing, you are already rich beyond all measure, time, and form.

Gratitude is the elixir of abundance, and keeps the sails of our thoughts adjusted so we can effortlessly reach our destination. Yet, gratitude must be cultivated. With our 24 Self-Hypnotic Gratitude questions, you can consistently cultivate higher states of awareness.

With the power of love, you will learn how to vividly create joy and love-filled days BEFORE they happen. With a simple method, you will learn how to energetically envision, and thus create your future... now.




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